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Plagued By Pimple Scars? – Then Stop Dreaming And Get The Celebrity Face You Desire Having a scar on your face is one thing, but having too many spots on your face is another thing and can ruin everything, starting from your great looks, to your relationship with people, even your make-up will be distorted not to mention the low self-esteem that you will experience. Having pimple scars on the face is a very common problem with people, especially teenagers. It is one thing to have pimples and another to cure pimples only to have scars of healed pimples on your face.

It will almost seem like the spirits of the pimples are out to hunt you for getting rid of them, but don’t worry because you are about to read top fascinating ways to defeat pimple scars. Tip 1- The most important way to fight pimple scars is to first reduce your chance of getting pimples in the first place. Avoid foods or habits that will trigger the production of more oils by the sebaceous glands. In addition you must also try to reduce the chances for pimples to leave scars on your face.

When you forcefully pick pimples it could cause scars. Tip 2- Understanding what vitamins your skin needs to look its best is very important. Make sure you find out which vitamin can actually help your skin return to normal, one of the best vitamins for the skin is vitamin E, it can be used to reduce the visibility of pimple scars and all you have to do is rub some amount of vitamin E on the affected area. Apply vitamin E in a circular fashion.

The use of almond oil is also recommended because it has all the benefits of vitamin E and even more such as essential fatty acids that can heal damages on the skin. Make sure you rub the oil until your skin has completely absorbed the nutrients. Do not apply too much vitamin E on your face as it could you’re your face over-saturated with oil. Tip 3- Application of lemon juice is another way to get rid of pimple scars, lemon juice are acidic and because of this,  it is able to dissolve the upper most layer of the skin’s surface which helps reduce scars and also exfoliate the skin.

Lemon also contains a natural bleaching agent that will help you lighten your face therefore reducing the visibility of dark spots. You can apply fresh lemon juice to the face or mix it with other natural products. Tip 4- pimple scars can be removed through micro-dermabrasion; this procedure requires the use of tiny crystals that are jetted on the skin through the aid of a tube. This method will polish and buff a way the top layer of the skin.

Another way to do this is through the use of a rotating diamond-coated wand, a new layer of the skin is brought out through this method. This must be done by a dermatologist or at a spa. Tip 5- It is possible to conceal pimple scars; all you are going to need will be the right make-up kit. In fact make-up is a great way to hide pimple scars, start by applying your foundation, and then you apply a cream concealer that is a shade lighter than the natural tone of your skin, use a concealer brush when doing this.

Then finally set with a translucent face powder. Tip 6- If you have to use cosmetics, make sure you apply water-based cosmetics especially the ones labeled non-comedogenic because they contain oils that have been proven not to settle on the pores of the skin. Oil or petroleum based cosmetics will only trigger the outbreak of more pimples and increase the visibility of pimple scars. After cleansing the skin, you can apply an over the counter benzolyl peroxide lotions, they will help kill bacteria, dry up excess oils from the skin and peel outer layers of the skin to enable the growth of new skins.

Tip 7- Apply moisturizers after washing your face. Make sure you wash your face twice daily as anything more than that can lead to over drying of the skin which will cause flakes and cracks, washing the face will help remove excess oils that can prolong the stay of pimple scars. At night scrub your face with warm water to help you open up the pores of the skin and wash off with cold water to close back the pores. Tip 8- Dead skins can actually hinder the recovery process of pimples, so it is important to remove dead skins by exfoliation.

There are various pimple scar removal products that can be used. Exfoliation should be done once in a week. Tip 8- The use of Aloe-Vera has been proven to be very effective in this area, the gels from Aloe-Vera can be applied to remove scars, soothe the skin, promote healing of the skin, minimize inflammation, and regenerate damaged tissues. Allow the gel to last for an hour before washing off.

Instead of frowning each time you see your reflection in the mirror, or looking downwards when talking with people or battling with low self-esteem, just follow the above steps and kiss pimple scars good bye.

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