weekly –, antibacterial properties heals, minor blemishes

Apply honey as facemask twice weekly – Honey’s antibacterial properties heals minor blemishes and good for disinfecting. It is great on gentle sensitive skin. Wash your face twice daily using acne soap - Sulfur based soap are best for acne. wash your face twice daily. Once  in the morning and other before bedtime at night.

While washing your face be gentle - Scrubbing or using rough cloth are not advised. Over washing causes increase in acne by stimulating sebaceous glands resulting in more production of sebum. Keep your hair off your face – Keep your face free of hair for those with long hair. Hair contains oils which contribute to breakouts. Everyday,wash your hair & after workouts.

Prescribe a multi-vitamin – Your skin feeds on nutrition. Most commonly neglected vital organ. Lack of  the right nutrition in body, it fight back. Resulting in production of excessive sebum, pores are clogged and the ability to heal and bacteria reistance is reduced. Your diet should include chromium – Chromium is a weight loss diet.

But also heals skin infections excellently. supplementing chromium once a day helps in quickly healing your pimples and future breakouts are prevented. Carrots is a good source of Vitamin A (beta-carotene) – Vitamin A helps to strengthen skin’s protective tissue and  prevents acne. reduces sebum production. This Vitamin A is essential for the tissue repair and maintenance of the skin.

Vitamin A  is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin A deficiency can cause acne. Makeup should be avoided – Residue of makeup products on skin causes clogged pores, more pimples & blackheads. use water-based makeup if must. Do not squeeze or pick  your pimples or blackheads – Do not touch, rub,scratch or squeeze your pimples and blackheads.

these actions increases the production of sebum. Plus, while squeezing,the membranes underneath your skin are ruptured. causing infection & sebum spreads below your skin. resulting in more pimples. Pillow case should be washed everyday – The oils and dirt from skin is absorbed by the pillow case.

which causes breakouts. Keep your pillow cases and sheets clean. Eat zinc rich foods  – Zinc is a good an antibacterial agent &a necessacity for the glands which produces oil in the skin. A zinc low diet causes acne breakouts.

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